What’s a Certified Balloon Artist?

Heike Reagan CBA Test ArchNot many people – outside from other balloon professionals (aka my fellow “balloonies”) – know that you can become a Certified Balloon Artist. This certification is offered only by the Qualatex Balloon Network (R).

Step 1-3 are written exams. This weekend I submitted step 4 in the certification process: photos of my own work and the associated forms for evaluation.

Today I received the response to my work from the testing center:

Excellent! You are set!”

Certified Balloon Artist testing focuses on skills and technique, understanding of design theories, business skills, safety (both for people as well as the environment), and ethics.

Some of the skills and knowledge required to pass the CBA exam are:

  • Balloon and environmental safety lawsHeike Reagan CBA Test columns3
  • The use of correct tools and materials (and using each correctly)
  • Skills and techniques for designing and building professional balloon arrangements, decor, and deliveries
  • Design principles
  • Math (as it relates to balloon structures & helium)
  • Marketing, sales, customer service
  • Basic business skills
  • and much more.

Heike Reagan CBA Test SOPThe last step in the CBA testing process is a 4-hour practical test and oral presentation to a panel of industry leaders, which I’m scheduled to take in October 2018.

Until then, I’ll be studying, practicing, and reviewing everything there is to know about being a professional balloon artist.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “What’s a Certified Balloon Artist?”

  1. I had no idea that you could become certified to make balloon decorations. Now that I know that, it would probably be best to get someone who was certified to work with the balloons to help me decorate. My son’s birthday is coming up and that sounds like something he would love to have at the party, so I might have to look into a certified balloon artist.

    1. Hi Tyler, you are correct, most people do not know that there is a certification available. Hiring a certified balloon artist will improve your chances or having high-quality decorations at your event. But regardless of certification make sure they send you unedited photos of their own work before you hire them, as that will be the easiest and best way to determine whether you like their work!

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