Covid updates

We take safety seriously! We consider potential risks we design your decorations for your event and when we install them. We keep the safety of your guests – from 0 to 100 years old – in mind, and of course we also consider the potential risks to the location, whether that’s a hotel room, cabin, event venue, or private residence.

And we take Covid-19 seriously too! As a cancer survivor, my hubby is high risk. We know (we *KNOW*) what immune compromised means.

In our personal lives we haven’t gone out since March 2020. We work and we grocery shop. That’s it. We wear masks no matter where we go or what we do. And we disinfect our hands constantly. Since the new strains have hit the US we have decided to wear KN-95 masks whenever we do leave our home. And we’ll be getting the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as we are eligible to receive it, and even then we’ll *still* take all the safety precautions. (Call me Mr. Monk, that’s ok) 😉 I will always prefer to err on the side of caution.

That of course also carries over into our work for you! We try to keep you (and ourselves) as safe as possible. We disinfect not only our work surfaces but also our delivery van between deliveries.

And whether you are there or not: we *always* wear our masks, from the moment we turn off the delivery van to the moment that we drive away.

Want us to wear booties? No problem. Want us to wipe down the surfaces that we touched before we leave? Yup, we’ll do that too.

For your safety and ours.

Covid-19 safety

If you have hired us to decorate an event for you, we would immediately inform you if we were to show symptoms or test positive!