What type of balloons do you use?


That’s up to you! I work mainly with latex balloons because they are bio-degradable (see below). I can also use latex-free balloons, bubble balloons, foil balloons, Mylar balloons, and giant balloons, all depending on the type of creation you want.

I can also create “All-American” decor, using only balloons and products made in the USA, if you prefer.

Are your creations eco-friendly?

The vast majority of the balloons that I use are bio-degradable. The ones that are not bio-degradable can be recycled. Thorough clean-up to ensure this is always included in your price. No balloon will be left behind!

I follow the smart practices recommended by The Balloon Council to SmartBalloonIconWeb1ensure the safety of your guests, customers, and the environment. This also means that I do not offer balloon releases.

What about the helium shortage – do you have helium?

Helium bouquets
Helium bouquets

Yes, I have plenty of balloon-grade helium available. While there is currently a nation-wide shortage of helium, my supplier is not (yet) affected by it.

When you order from me, I always set aside enough helium for your job, no matter how much is needed or how far ahead of time you place your order.



What events do you decorate for?


Any event!

I add custom decor to your grand opening, campaign, showroom, convention, festival, family reunion, class reunion, corporate team-building event, employee appreciation event, birthday, wedding, gender reveal, baby shower,  anniversary, Christmas party,  Mitzvah, graduation, house warming, prom, or any other event you wish to make memorable!

What kind of rooms do you decorate?

Honeymoon suite
hotel room decor chocolate covered strawberries champagne and rose petals

Any room in any resort, hotel, inn, lodge, cabin, etc. in Knoxville, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and surrounding areas.

While I  most frequently decorate for honeymoons and other “love” events, I’m also more than happy to decorate for a birthday or any other occasion you wish to celebrate!



Arch for wedding or prom

Can I customize your draping, backdrops, and wedding arches?

Yes, I’m always happy to customize! Just contact me and let me know what you would like, and I’ll make it happen for you.

What size backdrop and arch do you offer?

Arch and backdrop for wedding or prom


The floral arches are 7.5 feet tall and 4.75 feet wide.
The backdrops are 10 feet wide and adjustable up to 8.5 feet tall.

Balloon arches are custom-made to the desired size.

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