For property owners & managers

You own or manage a STR and are worried about guests hiring a decorator?

We design our offers with your property, your business, your insurance policy, and your cleaning crew in mind!

We are professional decorators. The safety and integrity of your property (and guests) is our number 1 priority!

We do not use duct tape, we do not attach anything to your smoke alarms or sprinkler heads or exit signs. We do not use real candles. We do not use glitter and we very rarely use confetti. We do not use hooks, pins, tacks, or nails. We do not use anything that stains.

We always keep your housekeeping staff and the safety of your property in mind when we offer our decorations.

And last but not least: we carry business insurance and we are a family-owned, local, small business that you can reach at any time!

Call, text, or email us if you have any concerns about us offering our services at your STR! 865-223-5865 or