Planning a fundraiser?

Nearly everyone is involved in a fundraiser today. Whether you organize one, participate in one, or donate to one – hardly a day goes by without hearing about a fundraiser for your local school, youth group, church, mission trip, animal rescue, food pantry, hospital, or fire department.

Fundraisers now pay for everything, from basic everyday needs to special dreams.

Are you tired of selling chocolates, candies, candles, and cookie dough? Tired of washing cars or cleaning other people’s cast-offs for your garage sale or silent auction? Days or weeks of work for only a few dollars in return?

I have a fantastic way to raise funds for your organization or event, and you’ll earn as much as you give – up to 50% of the proceeds!

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  • Spirit poles for new students or graduates
  • Decorated cups filled with candy, school or craft supplies
  • Seasonal centerpieces for delivery
  • Sponsoring deliveries to veterans, foster families, or volunteers
  • Raffle off decor or bouquets during pep rallies, kick-off games, homecoming…
  • Balloons on a stick to give out to donors at your event or location.

Latex-free and helium-free designs are no problem. Want your logo, name, or mascot on the balloon creation? No problem.

Give me a call today at 865-223-5865 to talk about how I can help you raise funds for your organization!



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