Spread the Love – Sevier Co. Linemen

February is the month of love and I am visiting a different community group every day to thank them for the wonderful work that they are doing.

With last weekend’s weather, I felt that day 28 of #spreadthelove was a good time to thank the Sevier County Electric Company linemen for working for us day or night (sometimes day AND night) to restore our power.
Send them or your local electric company’s linemen some love at www.sces.net by letting them know what a great job they’re doing in any weather to get our power back on.

I didn’t get to speak with them directly but am told they enjoyed the balloons, thank you card, and the bag of candy bars I left for them. I have a feeling that if I asked them how we can help make their job a little easier, they would tell us to cut our trees under and near our power lines (or at least allow them to be cut by the utility companies), and as a balloon decorator I have to add: don’t release balloons because they can get tangled in power lines and cause outages.

This is my last #spreadthelove delivery for now, because it’s the last day of February. I plan on doing these videos a few times a month from now on, so stay tuned – and don’t forget to let me know who to visit next!

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