The Region’s Newest CBA

You may remember that several weeks ago I wrote about studying for my test to become a Certified Balloon Artist.

Inked43952128_355842628487369_9042982929386438656_n_LIOn October 9, 2018, I was one of the candidates from all over the US invited to come to Athens, GA, to take this 4-hour test, which is administered by the Qualatex Balloon NetworkSM. All the candidates were very nervous. It’s one thing to know all the material and apply the skills every day in your work, but it’s quite another thing to know that someone comes along after you and inspects every little detail about your balloon decor! And then the oral test – well, for most of us the last one has been a while…

44023950_966622833543267_983380260462526464_nBut I’m very excited to say that I passed and am now an officially recognized Certified Balloon Artist (CBA).

In preparation for this test I had to pass 3 written exams with approximately 100 questions, and submit photos of my own work. And I had to study the QBN curriculum.

Inked44065391_2218007745141500_3995636267634130944_n_LI.jpgThe test focuses on the design aspects of balloon decor as well as the a variety of skills, product knowledge, and mechanics:

All designs must follow industry standards, be sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. Testers try to destroy each candidate’s decor after the test. This is done to test not only the high quality of each piece, but also to ensure the safety of your party guests and the environment, because a professional design prevents balloons from accidentally coming loose.



I’m happy to be one of the exclusive group of 3,600 CBAs world-wide, and I look forward to putting my skills to work for you so that you can enjoy long-lasting, high-quality balloon decor at your next event!

Heike Reagan, CBA

(865) 223-5865